Chevrolet Camaro SS Direct-fit Baffled Oil Catch Can Kit 2010-2015

  1. Clean Camaro - Direct-Fit Catch Can R&D, Part 3 - Automatic Kit

    Clean Camaro - Direct-Fit Catch Can R&D, Part 3 - Automatic Kit

    In their heyday, the American auto manufacturers would make updates to their cars for each model year to keep things fresh. Usually it wasn't anything drastic, but just a tweak here and there to make the next model year in some way better than the last. Nowadays, just about every manufacturer holds off until their mid-cycle facelift, but in some cases we still see some tweaks that differentiate the same year and model of the same car. We saw this with the development of a catch can kit for the 2010-2015 Camaro SS.

    The 5th Gen. marked the end of 8 years without one of the biggest names in the muscle car market. I personally remember my excitement over the triumphant return of the Camaro, especially after the Rally Yellow concept was seen transforming into a combat-ready alien robot in the 2007 live-action revamp of Transformers. While

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  2. Clean Camaro - Catch Can R&D, Part 2: Test Results

    Clean Camaro - Catch Can R&D, Part 2: Test Results

    UPDATE: This catch can is now on pre-sale! Check out the installed & kit photos below and be sure to check out the website to purchase this kit: Mishimoto Direct-Fit 2010-15 Camaro SS Catch Can Pre-Sale

    An engine is a lot like a human body. It's full of moving parts and fluid. It breathes in and out, just like you or I. Except instead of lungs and a heart, it has cylinders and a crankshaft. Its blood may have an octane rating, but like your body, an engine needs fresh air to survive. Blow-by finds its way into your engine's lungs, compromising its airways, and choking the power out of it. Imagine having a chest cold, but instead your lungs are full of oil and unburned fuel; I bet you wouldn't run well either.

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  3. Clean Camaro - Catch Can R&D, Part 1: Prototype Design

    Clean Camaro - Catch Can R&D, Part 1: Prototype Design

    Success in engineering is rarely the result of one attempt. Our products go through revision after revision before they ever see the light of day (or darkness of your engine bay). This goes for complex products, like oil cooler systems and intercoolers, to seemingly simple catch can brackets. Our engineers must consider every situation that could occur in a vehicle, then design our products to handle them. The development process for our 5th Gen Camaro SS direct-fit oil catch can is no exception to that rule.

    Success is also rarely the product of one person's efforts. Teamwork plays a major role in every product here at Mishimoto. From conception to release, our projects are touched by just about every Mishimoto employee. When it comes to designing and developing a catch can kit, more ideas create a better product. That's why our engineer, Jason, brought in one of our draftsmen, Josh, to help with this kit's design.

    This wasn't Josh's first time designing a product, however.

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