People's Choice - 2007-2021 Toyota tundra 5.7L Aluminum Radiator R&D, Part 1 - Concept

People's Choice - 2007-2021 Toyota tundra 5.7L Aluminum Radiator R&D, Part 1 - Concept

No matter what brand is plastered across the front of your truck, the key proponent for purchasing it was rugged dependability. Toyota has long bolstered its name as one of the most unstoppable truck manufacturers out there. Toyotas are the preferred machine for traversing these environments from desolate deserts, swampy jungles, or just across the construction site. Toyota's quest for tough trucks didn't' stop with their full-sized Tundra, but as the miles rack up, there are some chinks appearing in this truck's armor, precisely when it comes to the cooling system.

A dependable cooling system is vital for the Tundra's workhorse status, which might hold up for most drivers. However, the harder these trucks work, the more stress is added to the factory radiator. Over time, the constant heat cycles of hot coolant degrade the plastic end tanks, which we saw firsthand on our donor truck.

As the plastic components begin to degrade, it begins to be a challenge to keep the coolant in the system.

The best option to mitigate this potential issue is a full end tank overhaul. We plan to ditch any and all plastic bits in favor of much more durable TIG-welded aluminum. This construction method of construction would provide a cooling system as tough as the rest of the truck.

Upgrading the end tanks is only half of the equation, though, and it'd be a wasted effort if we overlooked the radiator's core. By all accounts, the OEM core truck radiator is adequate for most Tundra owners, but there's still room to improve. Size-wise, the Toyota engineers nailed it. The core has plenty of frontal surface area, which benefits heat dissipation, but the core's thickness leaves something to be desired. 

Improving the core thickness aids with engine cooling by increasing the core's internal volume along with the system's fluid capacity.

Toyota might have made a name for itself in the world of toughness, but the Tundra's cooling system isn't quite up to the standard. Not to worry, though; we have a plan to keep your Tundra running cool for much longer. Make sure that you stay tuned to get the first look at our new design.

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