Clamp Down - Quick Release Clamp Assembly R&D, Part 2 - Clasp Close Up

Clamp Down - Quick Release Clamp Assembly R&D, Part 2 - Clasp Close Up

We've all been there. You're tucked under your car, with your arm slithered up through the nether regions of your engine finger tightening that last critical bolt. It's almost threading in, and you're already daydreaming about how great it's going to be when the car is back on the ground when it happens. The bolt slips out of your grip. It pings off every bit of engine on the way down before dropping in a pocket dimension full of 10MM sockets, never to be seen again. It happens to the best of us.

This exact situation is something that we're aiming to prevent with our Quick Release Clamp clasp design. No matter how organized or careful you are, pieces get dropped or lost while the build happens, or the pin for the clamp containing 20 or 30 or 40+ pounds of boost wiggles out while you're on the road. 

Our engineering team wanted to make sure our clamp clasps were extra secure during the build and practical use. In our design, we opted to remove all risks of the clasp from ever falling out. We integrated the latch directly into the clamp with a captive spring-loaded design for a reliable connection that will never bounce under the shelves in your garage. 

How do we know it won't wear out? Easy. We rigorously tested this latch. The spring might be small, but it's mighty and shrugged off the 15,000 cycles of our automated testing rig with no issue. 

So, let's review. It's tough, it stays put, and it's stylish. The real question, is why haven't you got yours yet? 

Quick Release Clamp Assembly

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