Cozy Turbo - Direct Fit Truck Turbo Blankets

Cozy Turbo - Direct Fit Truck Turbo Blankets

In the world of high-power trucks, turbochargers are a godsend. No matter whether you're piloting a twin-turbo F-150 or a Cummins-powered heavy-duty Ram, the turbo is what gives your truck the extra kick it needs to get the job done. While vital to generating power, the exhaust circulating through the turbo can also generate the internal combustion engine's arch-nemesis - heat. But don't worry, we here at Mishimoto have you covered, literally. 

For those who don't know or need a refresher, exhaust heat is the primary fuel source for a turbocharger. The turbocharger uses hot exhaust gasses to spin the turbine wheel and force more air into the engine. The side effect of this process is that the turbine housing heat soaks and therefore radiates heat through the engine bay, especially after heavy use. Depending on your turbo, or engine layout, this glowing hunk of hot metal could start transferring that heat into your intake or cooling system. 

The solution for this sweltering turbo heat? Tuck it in with a protective turbo blanket. Our blankets use a tag team of compounds for maximum insulation. To start, we combined titanium and volcanic rock for a tough and heat-resistant outer shell with a silica and stainless-steel inner liner capable of withstanding temperatures upwards of 2300°F. This protective barrier not only keeps heat from seeping into other systems but also contains the heat to help your turbo run more efficiently.

While our line of universal turbo blankets fit a range of custom turbo jobs, their OEM counterparts come in all shapes and sizes and need a little extra attention. For this, we opted to expand our range of titanium turbo blankets to include a range of direct-fit applications from light-duty all the way up to mega diesel workhorses. Make sure you head to our main website to pick up some added heat protection for your truck today! 

Direct-fit Titanium Turbo Blankets

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