Forester XT

  1. Testing Results - The FXT Intake, Part 3

    Testing Results - The FXT Intake, Part 3

    Last time we posted about this Forester XT intake project, we left you off with prototype fitment. Testing is now complete and we have some information to share.

    IMG_0157r Subaru Forester XT performance parts up for testing

    Our initial goal for this project was to design a performance intake system that would deliver dyno proven power gains and while being safe to run on the stock tune. We designed a very similar system for the 2015+ WRX and achieved terrific results.

    The Forester XT has changes in the ECU, head design and cams, so the testing has yet to give us the results we want to see. We've tested numerous different designs over the past few months and we haven't seen results that we're happy with yet. We've designed prototypes that make power

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  2. Prototype Fabrication and Fitment - The FXT Intake, Part 2

    Prototype Fabrication and Fitment - The FXT Intake, Part 2

    The progress on our intake system is coming along nicely for this Forester XT. We have created a pipe that will fit well with our airbox design and filter selection. Remember, our pipe is within the acceptable pipe diameter to run this system with a stock tune.

    The Fabricated Prototype

    Below are some shots of the system we plan to put on an FXT for testing. The routing for this tube will follow a more direct path from filter to turbo. This is especially helpful for when the car is sitting at idle with ambient air around the box. With a shorter pipe distance, it will take less time for fresher, cooler air to get to the engine upon acceleration over stock. Check out images of the initial design below!

    IMG_9244r Prototype Subaru Forester parts
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  3. Stock System Evaluation - The FXT Intake, Part 1

    Stock System Evaluation - The FXT Intake, Part 1

    Exciting things are happening in the induction world here at Mishimoto. We have a 2014 Subaru Forester XT in for intake R&D. This AWD turbo Subaru comes with a 2.0L power-plant, giving an output of 253 hp from factory. It shares the same FA20 heart with its 2015+ WRX counterpart, so there are some similarities between the two.

    Subaru forester parts under analysis

    Stock System Review

    The stock Forester XT intake system is somewhat similar to the stock WRX intake system, yet featured some differences in shape and size. With both systems, the airbox is tucked away in the engine bay. To an untrained eye, it can be easy to miss upon first glance.

    The airbox mounting points on the vehicle are also quite different

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