Back From Pasture - 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.7L Baffled Oil Catch Can R&D, Part 4 - Full System Production Sample

Back From Pasture - 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.7L Baffled Oil Catch Can R&D, Part 4 - Full System Production Sample

Advances in technology worked wonders for the internal combustion engine. With every new vehicle launched, there's a list of advancements to these controlled-explosion contraptions to harness maximum power and efficiency while keeping emissions in check. It's no secret that Ford doused their reinvented Bronco in these same innovations, but even this new-school hardware still falls victim to old-school by-products, like blow-by.

No matter the installed innovations, blow-by still remains the age-old nemesis of any engine's top-end components. The mix of fuel and oil vapors galvanize into stubborn carbon buildup, robbing the 2.7L of the power and efficiency the Ford engineers painstakingly worked into this engine. Yes, this engine utilizes a dual-injection system that will mitigate carbon buildup, but even port-injection vehicles suffer the same symptoms of unfiltered blow-by over time. So, even with factory-installed countermeasures, a catch can setup is still one of the best means of keeping your Bronco's engine running at peak potential over its lifespan.

When we last left off, our PCV-side kit was wrapping up, and our dual-can kit was still in its prototype phase, venturing out for its preliminary road testing. During that testing period, our engineer, Ye, put the finishing touches on our final design.

Overall, the fundamentals of our design remain but with refinements fit for the Bronco's engine bay. Since this is a direct-fit application, we removed the extra mounting holes in the bracket, only leaving those necessary to clock our pair of catch cans in the correct orientation. In addition to the can mounting, we also incorporated two points to re-secure your wiring harness, keeping it from dangling into the depths of the engine bay. Finally, we wrapped things up with a sleek, stealthy, micro-wrinkle black powder coat finish.

Mounting the cans is one thing, but routing the PCV and CCV pressure is just as vital. Our production level kit utilizes a set of four pre-molded and chemical resistant lines complete with OEM-style quick disconnect fittings to ensure a secure connection from the engine to our catch cans while looking right at home under the hood.

Those following along with our development might have already seen our preliminary PCV-side testing results, but let's review for those who haven't.

During our 1000-mile road test, our PCV-side catch can captured about 3-4ml of blow-by. This might not seem like much, but it's actually a positive result. This is a brand new engine, for starters, so tolerances are still tight around the pistons. It's also a sign that Ford continually improves their V6 EcoBoost platform. Past engines in similar configurations would generate double or even more blow-by from a brand new engine. Even after their advancements, however, this sticky stuff remains.

Where the PCV-side of the engine's ventilation system is the primary source of blow-by, this contaminated air can flank the intake components through the CCV system depending on engine load. It's typically rare that we capture a significant collection through this ventilation system side. Still, our initial testing did produce a small amount of collection in our CCV-side can.

Like any catch can setup, the average collection will vary depending on several factors. Things like driving style, performance modifications, region, and even the time of year can result in different collection quantities. So, we always recommend that you check your catch cans after the first 1000 miles to gauge how your Bronco collects.

No matter how much tech is poured into the internal combustion engine, the side-effects of the millions of explosions inside the engine block will remain. Excess pressures, unburnt fuel, and engine oil will combine and converge on the 2.7L's intake components, eventually diminishing the Bronco's wild spirit, even with its natural defenses. With our dual catch can set installed, however, this machine will continue to live up to its rugged potential. Get your's today:

Baffled Oil Catch Can System, fits Ford Bronco 2.7L, 2021+

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