Carbon Speed Dating - 2020+ Chevrolet C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Catch Can R&D - Concept to Completion

Carbon Speed Dating - 2020+ Chevrolet C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Catch Can R&D - Concept to Completion

The Corvette is a long-standing American automotive tradition, but that is until recently since the C8 is anything but traditional for Chevy. The red, white, and blue engineers finally took that age-old, not-so-secret formula of a crowd-pleasing sports car and quite literally flipped it. The big push-rod V8 remains but now resides behind the driver to fully catch up with the likes of the supercars it tangles with on the track. But, unfortunately, no matter how much this American tradition evolves, it still can't outrun blow-by.

Let's be honest; there's not much flash to preventative maintenance, especially when it comes to your sleek mid-engined sports car. As un-sexy of a task as it is, keeping your intake valves clean and clear of carbon buildup is essential for the Corvette's peak performance. While we already put our compact catch can on display in the rear engine window, we still couldn't help to take it up a notch.

Our carbon fiber catch can looks the part, and it's much more than just a pretty face too. Instead of dressing up in that silky greyscale weave and wrapping an aluminum can in carbon fiber, our's is the real deal. The can's bottom is through and through carbon fiber to shave off a few extra ounces while still adding a layer of protection for your engine. We also spent months rigorously testing this catch can to ensure that it can withstand the various pressures that different engines produce, all while being soaked in the murky mess that is blow-by. So make sure you head to our post on our carbon fiber catch can to see more about the testing and design:


Our engineer, dan, still wanted to ensure that our can was prominently on display even with our Carbon Fiber Catch Can installed, but there's a catch. The new design of this catch can called for a new mounting method. On our standard compact catch can, the flat top means that we're able to fix an application-specific bracket directly to the top of the can. However, when it comes to the carbon can, the mounting points are on the side, meaning that we found Dan chucking some sparks in the welding booth to create a new bracket.

Fresh off the MIG-welder might not be the prettiest bracket, but we need to confirm the fitment before refining the design.
Once we confirmed fitment, our mounting bracket just needed a fresh coat of powder coating to be ready for the C8's engine bay.

Since we're adding extra form to this kit, we also wanted to improve on the function. The overall design of our lines only varied slightly, but for this kit, we decided to give them a little extra armor with a braided nylon sleeve. This abrasion-resistant material shrugs off any damage these lines could encounter over their service, keeping air flowing in all of the right directions.

Every generation, Chevy evolves its Corvette into something even more potent and exciting. We're progressing, in the same way, to keep the intake valves free and clear of carbon buildup. Make sure that you get your carbon fiber catch can setup today:

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