Speed Evolved - Performance Intake R&D, Part 3 - Production Sample

Speed Evolved - Performance Intake R&D, Part 3 - Production Sample


The evolutionary process happens in stages. We humans didn't jump to the top of the intellectual food chain overnight. We had to traverse that process through plenty of less advanced stages of ourselves. Now, look at us. Ogling sports cars and figuring out the best ways to improve on them.

Our intake has evolved in stages as well, and we're now at what is essentially the final stage. No, we don't expect that our kit will become sentient and form a species of its own, but it has developed into a different kind of animal. We'll get to see just how well our new design performs on the vehicle in a later post, but for now, let's take a look at the kit's latest form.

Fresh from the rotational mold, our kit is already boasting a much more streamlined design over the stock kit. We opted to utilize the cross-linked polyethylene for the airbox and induction tube for a construction that can stand up to the heat produced under the hood. Having no airbox or a metal airbox will soak in the engine bay heat and can cause your intake air temperatures to creep up and slow your Supra down. The heavy-duty plastic will help repel that heat soak, and for an extra measure, we incorporated an additional heat shield on the airbox since it sits so close to the turbo.

Our production sample did include a gold reflective barrier on the heat shielding, but we determined it wasn't necessary, so your kit will look different. However, we do offer a range of heat protection products in the case that you do want to beef up your heat shield.

We also ditched the massive resonator that was clinging to the backside of the stock box. Removing the resonator allowed us to expand the internal volume of the box, which will help increase the flow, along with improving on the Supra's turbocharged soundtrack. We also chose to retain the stock location for the fresh air inlet to eliminate any need for permanent modification to your Supra, and the best source of fresh air.

The top of our box might look a little strange, but there's a method to our madness. Some 2020 model year owners might choose to add the front strut tower supports to their vehicle, so we wanted to make sure that we didn't eliminate that option. Also, now that the 2021 models have these supports from the factory, we're glad we kept it.

Moving along the kit to the induction tube, we remained consistent in the polyethylene construction. Compared to the stock kit, our induction tube has a much more uniform shape. Also, given Toyota and BMW's choice to have the Supra operate on a speed density tune, we weren't restricted to any specific MAF housing size. Without the size restriction, we were able to increase the internal diameter of the tube, and incorporate a more gradual transition between the filter and turbo inlet. All of these characteristics combined are conducive to improving the flow through the kit, allowing your Supra to breathe easier.

Since the intake mounts to the chassis and the engine, we needed to allow for some wiggle room in the form of a short silicone coupler. You might notice that the quick disconnect fitting isn't the only thing featuring CNC machining. We are also incorporating an aluminum CCV port, as well as machined mounting pegs for the airbox.

Ye also made sure to improve on the finer points of this intake kit as well, to ensure a simple installation process, and a secure fit in the vehicle. For starters, our kit retains the factory style quick disconnect for streamlined connection to the turbo inlet. Still, ours is made from CNC-machined aluminum instead of the bulky plastic stock component.

Finally, we get to our filter. The panel filter just won't cut it when it comes to helping the Supra breathe deep so that a cone filter would be the best bet for the Supra. We selected a size that wasn't too big for our airbox so that we could make the most use of that increased volume. If you remember from our last post, our airbox technically doesn't have a lid, so Ye needed to get creative. Instead of a fully removable box lid, we engineered a form-fitting gasket that seats the filter precisely in the box and completes the fresh air channel to the turbo.

The view from above the engine bay looks much more complete with the new kit installed, which looks right at home. The removal of the resonator gang on the different sections of the kit should make for quite the enhancement for the B58's soundtrack. Not to mention the more uniform design is sure to help the engine breathe easier. Stay tuned for our intake's performance results coming soon!


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