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  • 6061 aluminium construction
  • Constructed with a neodymium magnet
  • Reduces metal debris in your engine
  • Increases engine life
  • Additional features below


  • 6061 aluminium construction
  • Constructed with a neodymium magnet
  • Reduces metal debris in your engine
  • Increases engine life
  • Dowty oil seal included
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty


Bearing damage is a serious concern for any high-performance or high-mileage engine. Mishimoto Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs remove metal fragments in engine oil, thus extending and protecting the life of your engine. These oil drain plugs are constructed from billet 6061 aluminum with a powerful neodymium magnet. The magnet provides the strength to seize and collect bearing or other harmful metallic fragments in engine oil, effectively removing them from circulation. This drain plug features a robust 24 mm hex head and precise, durable threads for consistent use without fear of stripping. Mishimoto Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs include a dependable dowty seal for superior protection against leaks. This M16.4 x 1.33 Mishimoto Magnetic Oil Drain Plug is perfect for many classic Nissan models and includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.


(1) - Magnetic Oil Drain Plug
(1) - Dowty Oil Seal



Also Fits Datsun 1200 I4 (1.2L) 1971-1973
Datsun 200SX I4 (2.0L) 1977-1981
Datsun 200SX I4 (2.2L) 1982-1983
Datsun 210 I4 (1.2L) 1979-1982
Datsun 210 I4 (1.4L) 1980-1982
Datsun 210 I4 (1.5L) 1980-1982
Datsun 240Z I6 (2.4L) 1971-1973
Datsun 260Z I6 (2.6L) 1974
Datsun 280Z I6 (2.8l) 1975-1978
Datsun 280ZX I6 (2.8L) 1979-1983
Datsun 310 I4 (1.4L) 1979-1980
Datsun 310 I4 (1.5L) 1981-1982
Datsun 510 I4 (1.6L) 1971-1973
Datsun 510 I4 (2.0L) 1978-1981
Datsun 521 I4 (1.6L) 1971-1972
Datsun 610 I4 (1.8L) 1973
Datsun 610 I4 (2.0L) 1974-1976
Datsun 620 I4 (1.6L) 1972-1973
Datsun 620 I4 (1.8L) 1974
Datsun 620 I4 (2.0L) 1975-1979
Datsun 710 I4 (1.8L) 1974
Datsun 710 I4 (2.0L) 1975-1977
Datsun 720 2WD I4 (2.0L) 1980
Datsun 720 2WD I4 (2.0L) 1983-1985
Datsun 720 2WD I4 (2.2L) 1981-1983
Datsun 720 2WD I4 (2.2L Diesel) 1981-1983
Datsun 720 2WD I4 (2.4L) 1983-1986
Datsun 720 2WD I4 (2.5L Diesel) 1984-1986
Datsun 720 4WD I4 (2.0L) 1980
Datsun 720 4WD I4 (2.2L) 1981-1983
Datsun 720 4WD I4 (2.4L) 1984-1985
Datsun 810 I6 (2.4L) 1977-1980
Datsun 810 Maxima I6 (2.4L) 1981
Datsun 810 Maxima I6 (2.8L Diesel) 1981
Datsun B210 I4 (1.3L) 1974
Datsun B210 I4 (1.4L) 1975-1978
Datsun D21 2WD I4 (2.4L) 1986
Datsun F10 I4 (1.4L) 1976-1978
Nissan Maxima I6 (2.8L Diesel) 1982-1983
Nissan Maxima I6 (2.4L) 1982-1984
Nissan Sentra I4 (1.7L Diesel) 1985-1986
Nissan Stanza I4 (2.0L) 1982-1986
Installation Torque Specs 15 ft/lbs for all magnetic oil drain plugs. Do not exceed the maximum torque rating of 15 ft/lbs.
Neodymium Magnet Features a 24mm hex head
Thread Pitch M16.4 x 1.33
Material 6061 Aluminum

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