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Import Tuner
January 2012 2012-01-02 00:00:00 Import Tuner
  • On the cover of the February issue of Import Tuner, you will see Team Hybrid's widebody turbo G35! Congratulations to our newest sponsored team!

  • On pages 56-59, you'll find the Formula Drift 2011 Pro Championship Round 5 and 6 Wrap Up, featuring our very own Chris Forsberg and Kyle Mohan!

  • On pages 61-62, Import Tuner covers the Motion Auto Show, which took place in Long Beach, California. The Las Vegas chapter of Team Hybrid is represented in IT by the gorgeous Turbo-APR Widebody-Teal EVO IX, owned by team member Essex. Congratulations for taking home the Best Team "Quality" overall, TH!

  • WORLD Racing's Chris Rado graces the back cover!
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