Mazda Miata ND Intake 2016+

  1. Final Prototype Installed - ND Miata Intake, Part 5

    Final Prototype Installed - ND Miata Intake, Part 5

    As we finally round the end of the long and arduous testing and data collection process, it's time to test the fitment of the final prototype to ensure there are no issues before we kick off full-scale production. A lot of effort has gone into designing and engineering this kit, and it has been rewarding to see this project finally come together.

    There were some minor changes and cool feature additions that will make this kit unique. Take a look at some images below.

    Prototype Miata intake box

    After we pieced together the rest of the box, we cleaned it up with some fresh paint and added a neat feature that will help with cooling. Right underneath the front of the box, you can see an angled plate that has been attached. This plate acts

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  2. Testing and Results - ND Miata Intake, Part 4

    Testing and Results - ND Miata Intake, Part 4

    We finally have an update for the Miata intake project!

    With our prototype now in working order, we were finally able to hook up our ND Miata to our dynamometer and get some pulls underway. At this point in the process, we knew we'd want to play around with some other design ideas while the car was hooked up to the Dynapack. AFRs, power output, and sound clips were all on the agenda for the evaluation of this prototype system.


    Miata intake dynamometer results results

    We did gain some decent performance in the low end of the power band, but the upper end of the curve follows the path of the

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  3. Prototype Sound Clips - ND Miata Intake, Part 3

    Prototype Sound Clips - ND Miata Intake, Part 3

    We want to be absolutely sure we are designing an intake that will provide what the MX-5 enthusiasts crave from such a product - sound, throttle response, looks, and of course, driving feel and performance.

    Our prototype is still in the testing process so we do not have dyno results quite yet. Instead, to hold everyone over till our next, more substantial update, we have some sound clips of the prototype being tested on our Dynapack. Keep in mind, this is just a prototype and does not feature any finalized production-quality components. We just wanted to give our readers a quick peek into what is going on behind the scenes.

    In the clip below, we have a short sound comparison of the stock intake vs. our prototype. The airbox lid is removed so you can clearly hear the sound. Some of the footage may look familiar, as it

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  4. The Prototype - ND Miata Intake, Part 2

    The Prototype - ND Miata Intake, Part 2

    The Engineering Department here at Mishimoto has been buzzing with activity around our new Miata intake design. We've just constructed a prototype pipe and box, bringing us even closer to dyno testing! Let's walk through the process.

    It's extremely important we pay close attention to detail on this project. From the beginning, we knew this box had to be made of aluminum, not steel, which is much too heavy. We also decided to utilize the factory air duct on this setup, so the box has an inlet accommodating that component.

    Airbox Construction

    The next few images show how we went about designing the air box. A major goal for the air box design was for it to be simple to install so utilizing factory mounting points was a must. Below, you'll see shots of the stock Miata intake system removed and a couple of our pieces being

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  5. Stock System Review - ND Miata Intake, Part 1

    Stock System Review - ND Miata Intake, Part 1

    If you read our blog, you'll remember a short while ago that we did a quick dyno test on a brand-new, fully stock 2016 Miata ND. That's not all we had planned for this little roadster. We put our Engineers to work on upgraded intake. Take a look behind the scenes and follow our progress as we bring our intake design to life.

    Mazda has pulled out all the stops for this brand-new MX-5. Auto manufacturers rarely make the next generation in a specific vehicle line lighter in weight. With the rapid increase in advances in technology and the demand for more safety features in new vehicles, there is little doubt that the next generation of a model will be heavier. Not the case here! The current US-released version of this 2016 Miata ND has a curb weight of around 2,332 lb. Compared to the previous-generation NC that weighed around 2,498 lb, this model has shed

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