(I Can't Get No) Low Oil Temps - Oil Cooler R&D, Part 1: Stock Review

(I Can't Get No) Low Oil Temps - Oil Cooler R&D, Part 1: Stock Review

Here at the Mishimoto R&D facility in New Castle, DE, we are hard at work designing 2016 Camaro parts, but we've been experiencing some pretty inconsistent weather lately. We've had brief glimpses of spring, but this past weekend has thrust us back into the sulk of the winter that we so naively thought was behind us. As one might imagine, we're really looking forward to some sunshine and scorching summer weather! But do you know what is NOT looking forward to the heat?

You got it! The oil in your 2016 Camaro SS.

That's right, folks, you needn't fret anymore; Mishimoto has tasked our engineers with making you and your oil much more comfortable by kicking off the development process for a snazzy new 2016 Camaro oil cooler!  Our company is full of enthusiasts, and we understand how frustrating the fear of overheating can be when you have to pass on autocross or cut off those last few runs at the strip. Let's take a quick look at what we've got going on from the factory before delving into how we can help to cool you down with some of our own 2016 Camaro parts.

Stock 2016 Camaro parts

The stock 2016 Camaro oil cooler setup is limited to a single liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger that is bolted onto the side of the engine just in front of the oil filter. Oil flows through the exchanger, and two coolant lines (supply and return) provide a steady flow of coolant, into which some of that heat is transferred. This unit functions most prominently as a means of cooling the oil, but also works inversely upon startup and for a short duration thereafter to help warm the oil temperature when the coolant's temperature exceeds it.

2016 Camaro Oil cooler

In order to bolster your Camaro's ability to cool down its oil, we are going to be incorporating a 25-row liquid-to-air heat exchanger; this will work by transferring some of that thermal energy out of your engine oil and into the ambient air flowing through the exchanger. Our plans utilize an M22 sandwich plate that will sit snugly between the LT1's engine block and the oil filter, and we will also supply an M22 adapter (aka, a center bolt) to keep everything where it needs to be. From the sandwich plate, an output line will transport your too-hot-to-party oil to the exchanger in the front of the car, and a return line will bring it on home to your LT1, cooled down, and where it belongs. (My 25-year old BMW still hasn't figured out that the driveway is NOT where the oil belongs.)

In the front of the car, the heat exchanger sits nicely mounted just below the bumper support. Our engineers have come up with some clever metal brackets that mount to preexisting bolts, meaning that you will not have to drill holes into any of your 2016 Camaro parts. The horn needs to be moved slightly, but don't start honking at me on the forums just yet, because we will also be providing a bracket to make that accommodation a snap!

Installing prototype 2016 Camaro parts

Next time "

So all of this sounds great, but these 2016 Camaro parts are no good if they don't actually cool your oil. Our 2016 Camaro oil cooler is currently undergoing rigorous testing to ensure that it meets our high standards. Next time, we'll go over our collected data, and I'll give you some insight into how our testing process works.

Until then, happy Camaro-ing and enjoy the spring time!