Stock System Review - Camaro SS Performance Intake, Part 1

Stock System Review - Camaro SS Performance Intake, Part 1

This brand new Camaro has been quite the buzz in the world of muscle cars. If you haven't viewed it already, we break down this new SS in great detail in our video review series on our engineering blog. You should check it out!

2016 Camaro SS Video Review Series

On to the intake. We want to help free up some of that airflow, as these cars have been restrictive in the past. However, Chevy does have an interesting stock intake design for this 6th-generation Camaro. Let's dive into it.

Stock System Overview

Camaro SS parts under review

The first thing we notice is how massive this intake tube is - the inlet diameter measures a full 4.5 inches. This is the largest tube we have seen, so imagine how beneficial a free flowing cold air intake will be for this engine! Check out the enormous inlet for this intake tube in the below image.

Camaro cold air intake tube opening

The size of this intake tube isn't the only unique thing about it. There are also multiple ports attached. See pictures below.

Camaro cold air intake tube

As with most modern vehicles, the first attachment is the sound tube.

Up close look at Camaro SS parts

Up close look at Camaro SS Parts

You can see the induction tube reach around and below the tube, eventually routing to the firewall. The tube is clamped to the intake tube by a preformed seal. Generally, the only way to remove these type of seals involves cutting them off, since they are crushed into place.

The second port that is attached to the tube is a factory air-oil separator. Take a look at the pictures below.

Factory Camaro SS parts

AOS tube routing along intake

This component is attached to the tube in a similar fashion as the sound tube. It is designed to work in a similar fashion to an oil catch can. The only "catch" is it isn't as efficient! It is still pretty interesting to see a piece like this come stock.

On to the airbox. Aside from the size of its opening, it has a fairly standard design.

Camaro cold air intake box

You can see the massive opening on the top as well as the inlet on the bottom that attaches to the fresh air scoop. To remove this box from the car, the only tool you need is a flathead screwdriver to detach the rubber intake tube. The rest of the box pops right out.

Camaro SS parts under review

Camaro SS parts under review

Chevy integrated a unique feature into this intake box. Do you see those bars sitting in the middle of the inlet opening below?

Shot of factory MAF straightener

Those bars are located right before the mass airflow (MAF) sensor. Due to the large amount of air, thanks to the 4.5" inlet opening, Chevy actually molded in a MAF straightener. It is pretty rare for a car manufacturer to do this, but then again, a stock 4.5" intake tube is also hard to come by.

With such a large path for air, turbulence is guaranteed. The MAF would have a hard time coping with readings if the air weren't a smooth stream. The job of the straightener is to "comb" the air as it rushes into the inlet, thus providing a more consistent and predictable air stream that the MAF can read.

Coming Up!

Now that we've inspected this stock system, we can begin designing our initial Camaro cold air intake prototype. Stay tuned for what we come up with next!

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