Mishimoto Automotive (“Mishimoto”) warrants its products under this lifetime limited warranty policy (“Warranty Policy”). This Warranty Policy applies solely to: (i) Mishimoto Products purchased directly from Mishimoto or Mishimoto authorized dealers (each a “Mishimoto Product” and collectively, the “Mishimoto Products”) and (ii) the original purchaser of such Mishimoto Product (“Purchaser”). This Warranty Policy is non-transferable and all claims under this Warranty Policy must be accompanied by the original sales receipt. The terms and conditions of this Warranty Policy are subject to change by Mishimoto at any time without notice.

Pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Warranty Policy, after submission of a valid claim by a Purchaser and regardless of the condition of the product for which such valid claim is submitted, if it is determined by Mishimoto that such Mishimoto Product was not manufactured to Mishimoto’s advertised specifications or if such claim was submitted pursuant to Mishimoto’s Accident Protection Plan, as described herein, Mishimoto will, at its discretion: (i) repair or replace Purchaser’s original Mishimoto Product; (ii) replace Purchaser’s original Mishimoto Product with the most current available model (if, for example, the original model of the product for which a valid claim has been submitted is not available); or (iii) provide the purchaser with a gift card redeemable at Mishimoto.com in the amount of the original purchase price of the original Mishimoto Product (if, for example, Mishimoto has discontinued support for a Purchaser’s specific application).

To submit a claim for a Mishimoto Product under this Warranty Policy, you must: (i) fully and accurately fill out the online form provided below; and (ii) provide Mishimoto with a copy of an original sales receipt indicating that you are the original Purchaser of the Mishimoto Product for which the claim is being submitted (you must also provide the information described in the paragraph of this Warranty Policy titled “Mishimoto Accident Protection Plan” if you are submitting a claim for a Mishimoto Product damaged in an accident). In addition, if requested by Mishimoto, you must also send the Mishimoto Product for which a claim is being made, all transportation expenses prepaid, to Mishimoto.

A trained professional should install all MP products. Any issues with compatibility or installation should be addressed before attempting to install the product.

The purchaser's remedy for breach of this limited warranty, exclusive of all other remedies provided by law, is expressly limited to repair or replacement of any part or parts. All products returned for warranty consideration must be returned to MP with all transportation expenses prepaid. MP shall not be responsible for damages to its product or injury to persons using the product in any manner that would constitute improper operation, including but not limited to: incorrect opening of radiator pressure caps, burst hoses, application or usage not intended by MP, negligence, improper installation, or any other use that may cause damages or injury. MP shall not be responsible for injury or harm to persons or property caused by persons or vehicles using our products.

Mishimoto, under its no questions asked warranty policy, will provide a warranty for all claims including vehicles involved in accidents. Warranty claims must include pictures of the accident and an official police report, and must be within three months of the accident.

  • We ship via FedEx Ground for all replacements.
  • We cannot ship to PO or APO addresses.
  • Replacements are subject to availability.
  • All claims must be accompanied with a picture of the product and a copy of the original receipt.
  • In the event that a receipt cannot be provided, Mishimoto Performance will be able to offer a discount on a replacement unit.
  • Mishimoto Performance will contact you via e-mail and/or phone if additional information is required.
  • Unless otherwise noted, Mishimoto Performance does not require you to return products to us for warranty claim consideration.
  • Mishimoto Performance has the right to refuse any warranty claim at any time.
  • Mishimoto Performance cannot be held liable for incorrect shipments if the claim form is filled out incorrectly, or a model number is not included.
  • Mishimoto Performance has the right to substitute any warranty claim with a comparable item and/or credit at any time.
For Radiators, Intercoolers, and Fan Shrouds:
  • The standard shipping charge for all warranty replacements is 7 GBP.

  • Mishimoto Powersports products are not covered under our Limited Lifetime Accident Protection Plan.

  • If you have a vehicle equipped with an Automatic transmission, please make sure to specify this within the text box on the claim form. Mishimoto Performance is not responsible for incorrect replacement shipments if the type of transmission is not indicated.

  • Please click here to fill out the form sections to the best of your ability. If you have any questions, comments, or issues using this form, please contact us.
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